Your Emergency Room Department has been short staffed for the last quarter. Patient satisfa Scores are dropping at a drastic rate (from 9 out of

Your Emergency Room Department has been short staffed for the last quarter. Patient satisfa Scores are dropping at a drastic rate (from 9 out of 10 to 6 out of 10). Employee morale is also at an all-time low. The Human Resources department has decided to form teams in the ER. However, there are a lot of varying personalities & some people are worried that their leadership style is not going to “mesh” well with others. THE SLIDES SHOULD ONLY BE BULLET POINTS-total of 9 slides not including Title slide & Reference Slide The following are slides from the group… ■Transformational Leadership style is useful for the motivation and the development of the employees (White, 2018). ■As most of the employees have quite a low moral in the teams, my leadership style, which is the transformational style will work wonders with the current employee morale. ■My leadership style will be quite useful for the co-operation of varying personalities found within the teams of nursing experts. OF The Five Big Personality Traits that make me a leader: • Openness: Embraced challenges and imaginative • Conscientious: detail oriented, reliable and spontaneous • Neurotic: resilient and confident • Agreeableness: Empathetic, Independent and Straight forward. • Extroversion: I consider myself to be very Assertive, Opinionated, and Adventurous (I like to lead by being an example and by encouraging people to unleash their potential) • My leadership style is transformational • Transformational leaders are more of a democratic leadership style • It makes for greater collaboration because it is more beneficial for group performances overall (T. Judge and R. Piccolo, 2004). • Communicating a vision, keeping up morale and maintaining a positive attitude • I plan to lead my team members by supporting and encouraging their creativity through ingenuity and inspiration. • Differences in personality and leadership style would be navigated through: • Playing  up each persons greatest qualities • Through support and encouragement, I would nurture each person’s creativity and individuality ———————————- • o Well organized o Responsible o Reliable • o Adventurous o Imaginative • Detail oriented while allowing others to add their input. • Ability to collaborate, among others. • Encourage all participates in a cohesive manner. • Allow & encourage all members to participate. • Willing to organize & deliver in a timely manner. • Ability to make decisions while thinking of future needs. • willing to take affirmative actions to get the job completed effectively & safely. ■Master, A. (2020). medium. Retrieved from,of%20a%20successful%20leadership% ■VN. (2019). villanovau. Retrieved from ■White, S. K. (2018). cio. Retrieved from,future%20success%20of%20the%20company. “Transformational and Transactional Leadership,” 89 (2004), pp. 755

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