Unit 6 Assignment: Voice over IP Telephony Outcomes addressed in this activity: Unit Outcomes: Explain video and audio compression and their significance to overall multimedia

Unit 6 Assignment: Voice over IP Telephony Outcomes addressed in this activity: Unit Outcomes: Explain video and audio compression and their significance to overall multimedia performance. Differentiate standard video streaming techniques and their application to a business’ teleconferencing ability. Analyze a comprehensive internet telephony solution. Describe methods to transmit multimedia data including compression techniques and streaming protocols. Analyze LAN multimedia protocols and examine their significance in business environments. Course Outcome: IT530-4: Explore management aspects of protocols and topologies. Purpose Over the next 10 years, the internet, along with wireless Internet access, may make the traditional circuit-switched telephone system a thing of the past. VoIP not only provides phone service inexpensively, but also provides numerous value-added services, such as video conferencing, online directory services, voice messaging, and integration into social networks such as Facebook® and Google+™. In this assignment, you will place yourself in the role of an analyst who will determine the most appropriate and effective choice of telephony system for an organization. Assignment Instructions In recent years, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enabled telephony networks have introduced a number of radical innovations in that way that people use telephony in general, including allowing people to take business-related calls seamlessly, even when they are not physically “at the office”. Research the elements that comprise SIP and VoIP. Put yourself into the position of a system administrator considering updating your business’s landline telephony system. What elements of the technology would you assign the greatest value? Would you even consider using a VoIP telephony solution rather than a traditional landline? Why or why not? If you have “real world” experience with VoIP, include a brief overview of that experience. If you do not have personal experience of the technology, include an overview of a case study of VoIP. Based on your research, write a 3–5 page paper that researches the concept of internet telephony, as well as providing an analysis and comparison of several telephony technologies currently available. Assignment Requirements All papers must meet these standard requirements: Paper follows APA formatting. Length is 3–5 pages long not including references and cover page. As you research the paper, ALL of the pages must have citations and references. No more than three bulleted or listed points per paper. Bulleted lists without substantial narrative included are strongly discouraged. No more than one direct quotation (of 40 words or more) per page from a reference source and those quotes must be properly cited within the body and in the references at the end of the paper. References are required for all sources, and all figures and tables must be captioned in APA format. Title page Reference page Answers contain sufficient information to adequately answer the questions and contain no spelling, grammar, or APA errors. Points deducted from grade for each writing, spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor’s discretion. For more information on APA style formatting, go to APA Style Central under Academic Tools of this course or visit the Writing Center. Also review the university policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, contact your professor. Directions for Submitting Your Assignment Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft Word document and save it as Username_IT530_Assignment_Unit#.doc (Example: TAllen­_IT530_Assignment_Unit_6.doc). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 6: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 6. Review the rubric before beginning this activity. Purchase the answer to view it

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