This discussion has three parts. Each part is to be one full paragraph, of 5 to 7 sentences. You are using the readings and module material to think about families

This discussion has three parts. Each part is to be one full paragraph, of 5 to 7 sentences. You are using the readings and module material to think about families at large, of which your family is one. Using the Module 1 readings, find a passage in Chapter 1 or Chapter 9 in the McGoldrick text that provided you with a stronger understanding of the impact of the family of origin and the family life cycle on the lives of family members. Provide the chapter and page number and provide a summary of this information. · EXAMPLE: When reading Chapter 1, on page 20, the authors begin a discussion on anxiety, symptom development, and healing. On page 21, first column, the authors discuss how when a child is born and what is happening at the time the child is born, along with how their own parents dealt with children, could have a major impact on how that birth is experienced by the new parents. Depending on these factors from the family of origin, high levels of anxiety, and more problems, or lower levels of anxiety could be expressed by the new parents and family. Discuss how this information ed you understand the impact of the family of origin on the family life cycle and how this information provides an alternate perspective from the one have been using to think about families. Discuss how this information provided you with an “AH HA” moment, or “I never thought of that way” understanding. EXAMPLE: This information enlightened me. I realize and admit that I imagine that parents “should” be delighted to bring a new baby into the world. And that they “should” be happy and “act loving and kind” to their children. I never thought about the fact that if their own parents struggled with having children in some way, that this could have an enduring impact on them…or that it might make them more anxious or worried. I also did not think about the fact that if there are major transitions occurring in society at large, along with those in their own family, that these could directly impact their ability to manage this transition without problems. From this passage alone, I understand that in my own family of origin, there were many things that were affecting those that raised me that I never even considered. This s me to see them as more human, rather than seeing them as mean, uncaring, or disinterested. Discuss how learning this material and using it to understand yourself, your family, and families at large will assist you in being a more effective Human Services profession EXAMPLE: This information is very useful to me as I move into the HUS field. I know that I will be encountering families of all kinds, who have all kinds of challenges. I may encounter a family or parent who seems to be disconnected from their children, or seem disinterested in them. This information will me to remember that there are many things going on in their lives that I do not know about, not the least of which is that they come from their own families of origin. I do not want to judge what I “see” them doing. I want to understand the underlying processes that are contributing to what I see, and to be sure, the family of origin is a key component. I will be able to be more neutral and this can only be ful in my HUS practice. After you post your initial post, reply to two or more of your classmates’ postings (three additional postings are needed for an “Exemplary” grade). When responding to your classmates, find at least one additional resource found in either textbook — giving chapter and page numbers — that offers additional insight to the information they gave in their post. Reply to classmates by: Do NOT: Check out from Western University to you in this discussion. This discussion and its replies are worth 75 points toward your final grade. See the Discussion Rubric for additional information and grading criteria. 7

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