Some organizations set up a selection process that is long and complex. In some people’s opinion, this kind of selection process is not only more

Some organizations set up a selection process that is long and  complex. In some people’s opinion, this kind of selection process is not  only more valid but also has symbolic value. In your post, address the  following questions: Your initial post should include at least two outside sources  to support your response. Respond to at least two of your classmates’  posts. Speaking as a college undergraduate working towards my master’s  degree, I constantly look on the web through multiple talent network  websites to look for jobs. The jobs that will hire you quick after  reviewing your application and interviewing you are the jobs that have  high turnover rates with mediocre pay. Not to mention that these jobs  usually require minimum to no education such as a g.e.d. or diploma with  only having minimum customer service skills. Job seekers who are in  favor of these jobs due to their background history will not favor a  long and complex selection process. “Job applicants vary in education, experience, prior training, and  physical, mental, and emotional abilities. These factors are not  necessarily based on individual differences but can be determined by the  applicants’ current achievements” (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014, p.  6.1). Since I have 16 plus years of education, I prefer the long  complex selection process because the jobs consist of careers that will  pay me a decent salary, a good benefits package, and the opportunity to  move up in rank after a certain amount of time. Not to mention that long  complex selection process can take a few months to get hired from the  time you fill out the application till your first day of work which can  include multiple interviews. Even though a person may be qualified for a job, they can still be  turned if they have to get a security clearance which involves pulling a  credit report. “With the recent economic downturn and deterioration in  household finances, the issue of the use of personal credit status as a  criterion in the hiring process has drawn increased scrutiny” (Weaver,  2015, p. 742), This can be disheartening for companies who choose to do  this against applicants who have a good characteristics, skills, and  education but has had financial issues due to not having a career. Not  to mention that a person may not have the money to pay off their credit  until they get their desired career, which means they will have to look  for a job that has a quick hiring process that doesn’t pay much. References Youssef-Morgan, C. M., & Stark. E. (2014). . Retrieved from Weaver, A. (2015). ? ILR Review, 68(4), 742-770. Retrieved from I think that the use of a long, complex selection process symbolizes  to job seekers the indecisiveness of employers.  “Hiring managers are  responsible for conducting timely, effective interviews of qualified  candidates for open positions”. (SHRM, 2016, para. 6) I think there  should be a time limit on recruitment decisions such as one to two weeks  maximum and it should not take more a month to decide what candidates  are qualified to do the job. After interviewing many people, recruiters  know who would fit into the companies culture and who they want to hire.  “Selecting candidates for employment entails the use of valid and  reliable methodologies for the selection process, ensuring that selected  applicants fit the jobs they have been selected for and fit the general  organizational culture”. (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014, para. 1) I think the long, complex selection process would affect the  organization’s ability to attract the best employees negatively. If the  selection process is taking longer than a couple of months than I move  on to the next employer that urgently needs employees immediately and  qualified candidates probably would do the same. A lot can happen within  a two-month time span and that wasted time span waiting on a decision  would be foolish, especially if the candidate has bills and children  they need to feed, this encourages procrastination. If an employer  recruitment team procrastinates on hiring decisions would make me think  this employer delays on a lot of other business decisions. However,  “Employers are trying to avoid costly mistakes. Getting a new hire up to  speed can take six months to a year, and replacing one who fails can  wreck a tight budget.” (Shellenbarger, 2016, para. 3) Therefore, I do  understand why employers would utilize the long, complex selection  process to make the right decision, but that should not be an excuse. References: Shellenbarger, S. (2016). How to Deal With a Long Hiring Process. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from: Society for Human Resource Management. (2016). Hiring Policy: Recruitment and Selection Process Retrieved from: Youssef-Morgan, C. M., & Stark. E. (2014). Strategic human resource management: Concepts, controversies, and evidence-based applications [Electronic version]. Retrieved from: Purchase the answer to view it

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