SOCW 6070 wk 11 discussion 1 responses: Respond to at least two colleagues by commenting on at least one idea he or she has shared

SOCW 6070 wk 11 discussion 1 responses: Respond to at least two colleagues by commenting on at least one idea he or she has shared and by suggesting and/or providing a resource that might be of assistance. angela slaughter RE: Discussion 1 – Week 11 Thoughts about your future career goals Continuing professional development is the aim to advance my future career goals. The start began with the self-assessment, which enhanced my understanding of my strengths, characteristics, skills, values, and interests. I plan to deepen my knowledge of grant writing by attending training sessions, attending online conferences, and finding videos on leadership to develop and enhance my skills and knowledge more effectively and make a change. I am considering volunteering to get network opportunities and widen my professional network. My aim in moving into a leadership or management position is to display characteristics with integrity, modesty, and being a servant leader, whereas performing confidently in my ability to learn and master my skills to accumulate new knowledge. Also, I plan to keep my support network close. I think sometimes leaders get lost and forget their way, which later affects their leadership. Being an effective leader, connecting and respecting others, and standing by the values and principles can be beneficial for the staff, stakeholders, and community. However, a challenge to expect is a “conflict between personal identity and role identity, which contributes to the high rate of burnout among nonprofit leaders” (Austin, Regan, Gothard & Carnochan, 2013, p. 382). Continuing to make time doing what I like, such as taking a break, family time, and exercise, is very important to keep and incorporate daily to alleviate stress to enhance ongoing thriving team building as an effective leader. Reference Austin, M. J., Regan, K., Gothard, S., & Carnochan, S. (2013). Becoming a manager in nonprofit human service organizations: Making the transition from specialist to generalist. Administration in Social Work, 37(4), 372-385 Eunice McLaurin RE: Discussion 1 – Week 11 It seems that as I progress within the program, I find myself wanting to transition into a leadership position. However, I want to become a leader that advocates for change. The agency I am currently employed at does not individualize caseloads. Every case is based off the same goals and that is primarily to ensure the clients continue to have utility assistance. As a leader, I want to bring more outcomes to my clients besides paperwork. I would like to think that I could make a change and not just have a title. I would be more interested in becoming a leader rather than a manager. I am also interested in staying within the healthcare aspect of social work. A social work administrator has its benefits but is also faced with challenges. Some of the challenges that an administrator may face is being able to manage the different roles within the agency. The administrator will have to be able to multitask, sometimes with extraordinarily little time. This can be overwhelming for the administrator because it may seem as if they are being pulled in different directions. The benefits of being a social work administrator is that I would be able to set goals and expectations for the agency (Jones, 2017). This will show that I am taking the necessary steps to implement change within the agency. Reference: Jones, L. (2017). The future of social work administration: An interview with Felice D. Perlmutter. Retrieved from:

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