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Studying at college, high school, or university (levels) is always accompanied with writing assignments as an integral part of the academic program. There are four key types of essays: analytical, expository, argumentative, and persuasive. The main idea of expository essay is to familiarize a reader with information or written response. Analytical paper implies extensive analysis and references to diverse sources to support your claims. Argumentative essay has an intention to show the audience your specific opinion about the issue. Custom persuasive essay is very similar to the argumentative one but is more emotionally-based than argued. Writing a persuasive essay is not an easy task because you need to be as convincing as possible, while providing supporting examples and evidence to strengthen your ideas.

Special Features Of Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive writings are characterized with extensive planning and critical thinking. For example, you can write a persuasive essay about the viability of school uniforms. In this example, you need to persuade the reader that school uniforms have unique benefits for students and school environment, reduce bullying, and redirect the attention of students toward studying rather than socialization.

Many students find it difficult to write a good persuasive essay. Difficulties become apparent at the stage of the topic choice. You need to choose the topic that is not overly used by other students. For instance, your teacher has already read hundreds of essays on marijuana legalization, gap marriage, and abortion right. The right topic is essential for successful writing of a persuasive essay. When you have an assignment to write a persuasive essay, you are welcome to use our professional customized service. We will assist you not only with the choice of the topic, but also prepare the outline, gather relevant information, and provide free revision, if needed. We are ready to help you with writing a persuasive essay on any topic!

Topic & Structure Of The Work Must Be Taken Into Account

As noted above, the process of writing a persuasive essay starts with the topic choice. The basic structure of a persuasive essay is the same as for any other type of assignment: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The key point here is the importance of preparing a strong outline that clearly presents your ideas in a logical manner. Introduction should have a thesis statement that brings your main argument to the front. The reader should clearly understand what you are writing about and what your position on the issue is. Each paragraph should contain evidence supporting your ideas. Evidence may include statistics and facts, observations, and your personal opinion.

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