PART 1 respond to the following : Part 2: Then, in a separate post, follow up on one of your fellow students in a substantive

PART 1 respond to the following : Part 2: Then, in a separate post, follow up on one  of your fellow students in a substantive post of up to 150 words that further the discussion. For example, you may support or politely challenge a post with your own insights or experience, make a suggestion, or ask probing follow-up questions. possible posts to reply to: (choose only 1) 1. After this weeks assignment I realize the work flow of clothing is much more complex than it appears to be. Understanding that having the necessary materials such as clothing in bulk with different sizes, a bar code scanner, employees, application software which will allow a business or organization operate in a daily, week, monthly and year schedule. Having the required means to run a business and maintain a solid work flow is basically handling the enterprise. Identifying a good vendor to purchase merchandise. Understanding the net and gross income for both employees, overhead, utilities and replacement of assets. I look forward to the next assignment s in advanced! 2. My first draft of the workflow was very basic.  After reading the course material from last week and putting more thought into what it takes to manage inventory, I revisited the workflow and added what was missing.  I tried not to overthink the process by adding too much but I believe what I provided sufficed. I don’t believe any aspect was easy.  I found the entire creation of the assignment challenging. I started by creating one event and three processes but more than that was needed to fulfill the entire workflow.   The most challenging part was determining the equipment that was needed.  There was no information to determine what infrastructure or equipment existed, so an assumption was made, and the choice of equipment was determined that would grow with the business.  I also found to add more equipment as I put myself in the shoes of the business owner who makes the sales transactions from within the store. or 3. Hi DR Hofkin When I thought about small business store I feel 2,000 would be her profit but I feel that 3,000 would be a good round figure for the type of system she needs This would give her all the program she needs to budget her business finances and manage her inventory. And would with automated ordering the amount of ram I feel would be a good start with the 3  T bite and a dual-core processor. I learn in time more memory is better than not having enough memory I run my business and I got 4 gigs of ram it seems like enough but I feel it might not be. With excel I feel it’s a good it’s a good program even so she would have to manually put in the data. With the maintain program I recommend that she do will he computer preform good and fast.

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