Narration as a Type of Essay Writing

According to the most popular essay classification, we distinguish expository, narrative, descriptive and argumentative essays. Each of them has its own peculiarities and special recommendations for successful accomplishment. Exposition or expository essay is a paper that represents the collected data to the reader with the informative purpose. Argumentative essay intends to persuade the audience with the help of evidence and refutation of opposing arguments. Descriptive and narrative papers are very similar but the latter has as its main purpose to tell a story, whereas the former just provides a description. Do not download existing stories from free internet sources as all of them are unreliable: the title does not completely coincide with the content, it is full of morphological and syntactical mistakes, it can also be used by other people in your class. As a result, it will only harm your reputation.

Narrative Essay Writing Help: Tips for your Success

We will provide you with a few recommendations that will make the writing process easier.
Writing narrative essay should include such components as:

  • 1. Interesting plot
  • 2. Descriptions
  • 3. Chronology
  • 4. Flashbacks and flash forwards
  • 5. Vivid language

Start with Thinking over the Plot

First of all, you should think over the plot you will unfold in your essay. Create a draft before writing a fair copy. Divide your text into introduction, body and conclusion parts and fill them with the key sentences that will help you not to get confused while writing the story. Introduction is the first part of the essay: it is an inspirational commencement that prepares readers for the story. The main body is divided according to your chronological order: its constituents should gradually flow into a new paragraph with strong coherence . Depending on the plot, the conclusion may be both open and closed. The next tip is to use multiple descriptions. If you deal with a scenery, describe it in full details, e.g. : "The sky turned rose and the tops of graceful trees turned into mild warm color, that glowed above the horizon. I felt like I was also a part of this pink kingdom".
If it is a character, give a description of his/her appearance and inner world.
"Rosette was a small chubby girl with constantly smiling face and narrowed brown eyes. Sometimes I wanted to pinch her chin, so sweet she was…" Also use flashbacks and flash forwards to make a story more sophisticated. Fill it with various stylistic devices: metonymy, euphemism, epithet, simile and others, in order to make the language of a text more vivid.

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