In this Assignment, you will create a new webpage that will allow you to enter the data on your travel photo details. The page will

In this Assignment, you will create a new webpage that will allow you to enter the data on your travel photo details. The page will contain a web form with a variety of HTML controls, each accepting a certain type of data. Simple JavaScript code will be used to validate data provided by a user. To prepare for this Assignment: Review the assignment resources included in the Explore section. : Download the template files and in the file. Edit both files, creating the webpage that looks like this: See the attached a. Open the Week4Project_template.html page in the TextEdit editor and create the form, positioning the form controls specified in the figure above by placing them within the table (use text boxes for Title, City, Rate this photo, text area for Description, radio-buttons for Copyright, check boxes for Creative Common Types and I accept the software license, Date control for Date Taken, Time control for Time taken) b. For the drop-down lists, Continent and Country, add several items for each list (e.g., Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America for the first list; and United States, Canada, Mexico for the second list) c. Save the completed .html file as Week4ProjectFinal.html d. Open the Week4Project-template.css file and edit it so that the fonts and colors match the ones shown in the sample above. You are welcome to experiment with styling other elements shown in the page (hexadecimal colors reference can be found, e.g., in e. Save the completed .css file as Week4ProjectFinal.css f. Validate your page by pasting the HTML page codes into validator to ensure that no HTML syntax errors are detected. Take screenshots of validation results and paste them into an MS Word document (see below). g. Test the form page in the browser. What happens when you click the “Submit Query” button? Explain. What happens when you click the “Clear Form” button? Explain. h. Add both files to your web project (if you are saving the.css file into a special CSS folder you have created, adjust the reference to that .css file in the Week4ProjectFinal.html i. Add the hyperlink to your index.html page pointing to the Week4ProjectFinal.hml. Check that when clicking that hyperlink a user will be forwarded to the Week4ProjectFinal page. Similarly, add the hyperlink to the Week4ProjectFinal page to allow a user to navigate back to the index.html home page of your website. Test the code thoroughly before publishing it. j. Publish your work by uploading the new and modified files to your web host. Test the site again, verifying the access to and proper functioning of Week4ProjectFinal webpage. Copy the URL to your MS Word deliverable document. 3.Take screenshots of the updated index.html webpage previewed in the browser with the navigation link to the Week4ProjectFinal webpage, navigate to the Week4ProjectFinal page, preview it in the browser and take a screenshot. Click on the “Submit Form” button, preview the result, and take a screenshot of the page you see in the browser. Paste all screenshots into an MS Word document. In the MS Word document, include your explanations of what functionality you have coded in the new HTML5 and CSS files. Include the answers to the questions in f) above. 4.Finally, include the valid URL to the location of your website index.html home page on the web hosting server (remember that each week you upload to the separate bucket on AWS S3 hosting server). If you are using another web hosting service, remember that the index.html page needs to be updated to enable navigation to the Week 4 webpage. 5.Compile all your website files into a single .zip file, including the MS Word document, and submit the .zip file as your deliverable. Name the .zip file WK4Assgn+last name+first

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