EACH PART ONLY NEEDS TO BE A MAXIMUM OF 1-2 PARAGRAPHS Tina Tumultuous tends to argue with customers when they complain about faulty products, want

EACH PART ONLY NEEDS TO BE A MAXIMUM OF 1-2 PARAGRAPHS Tina Tumultuous tends to argue with customers when they complain about faulty products, want a refund, or do not adhere to More Power’s refund and return policies. In the past, Joe Newcomer has issued written warnings for repeated instances of rudeness and unprofessional conduct. Although Joe has been patient, his tolerance gave out when he overheard an incident in which Tina was rude and made an ethnically insensitive comment to a Latino customer, Maria. Therefore, he issued a three-day suspension to Tina. On her first day back from the suspension, Tina requested to meet with Joe. She immediately became argumentative and demanded the removal of the three-day suspension from her record. She also threatened to file a discrimination suit if Joe refused. She claimed that the discipline was unfair because she had observed other employees who were not disciplined after they were rude with customers. She was clearly upset and at one point resorted to tears. She said she was dealing with some stressful family situations but did not elaborate. Tina seemed to know all the right buttons to push. Joe resented her challenge to his authority, her claim that he was discriminating, and her attempt to manipulate him through emotions. He responded curtly that he did not have to entertain her allegations of discrimination and that the discipline was just and would not be reconsidered. He said Tina was lucky to have a job and the best thing she could do was leave his office and get back to work. Tina was shaken. As she left Joe’s office, she said, “Well, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do.” Joe was angry. Tina was so combative and, as much as he considered himself a calm, rational person, all Joe could do was respond in a similar combative manner. It led nowhere. Joe reflected that there had been a time when he and Tina worked well together. She had been a conscientious employee, and Joe had been a supportive boss. Did he not want that sort of relationship with Tina again? Didn’t Tina? Case Questions PART 1 What are the natural tendencies that Joe and Tina exhibited in handling their conflict? To what extent are these tendencies power based? To what extent are they rights based? What could Joe have done differently if he truly desired a cooperative relationship with Tina? How might he have explored an interest-based solution with her? PART 2 So, if you are Joe, what do you do now? If you are Tina, how do oyu take advantage of this situation? PART 3 What is the next step if you are Joe?  What are your strategies and expectations?  What is a desired outcome? If you are Tina, how do you ‘press your case’ in the most effective way?  Do you have an advantage in this next discussion?  If so, how do you amplify it?  What are your expectations and desired outcomes?

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