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Essays can be classified into a varying number of types. One of the most difficult tasks is writing a descriptive essay. First of all, students rarely understand the difference between descriptive and narrative papers. Although they are similar in style, their purpose is quite different. A narrative paper has to tell a story, while a descriptive essay simply describes a certain object, place or situation; it can have less plot but more details, for example: "He looked through his fingers meeting with sweet sunshine. He breathed out the remains of a sleep and stretched himself gradually. James opened his wide blue eyes and looked at the world…" (Description) "I talked to Sam to find out more about Alex, but he kept on ignoring me. I decided to find Alex myself. That is how my adventure began…" (Narration)
Learning how to write descriptive text is not the easiest task: you can hardly master it at once. It calls for rich vocabulary and extensive imagination. If you face any difficulties, remember that our professional writers are always glad to write a descriptive paper for you!

Special Features Of Descriptive Texts

The features which distinguish this essay type from any other include:

  • Vivid language
  • Sensory details
  • Stylistic devices

First and foremost, accurate descriptive language has to be used to illustrate the situation. The author should write his work so that the reader is able to touch, see, taste and smell the story. For instance: "She loved Freddy. She loved his fluffy tail and wet nose. She loved the way he purred and rubbed her ankle. She loved his glance that was at once playful and calm. It was not just an animal…" One more rule to make your work capturing is the use of stylistic devices such as comparison, metaphor, epithets in order to fill the work with emotional strength. For example: "Ann's smile was like a sun: shiny, blinding and everlasting."

Grammar Correctness In Essay Writing

Writing a descriptive essay, it is very important to avoid grammar mistakes . Since this essay type implies complex sentence structure, it is better to check the work a few times after the completion. Pay attention not only to syntactical structure and punctuation but also to spelling. These petty mistakes can affect your results significantly. You'd better start from the draft before writing a fair copy. If you order your paper with us, however, you can be absolutely confident in the perfection of your grammar.

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