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Students have to deal with writing critical essays at college, high school, university levels. This task often makes them relax at first as it is generally based on existing works. However, the process of critical writing does not imply copying information from books, articles and newspapers. You have to critically evaluate the data and transform it into your own words, which calls for much time and concentration.

Writing a Critical Essay

One of the critical paper distinctive features is the application of critical analysis that covers such issues as author's thesis and main idea, work plot, basic arguments with accompanying examples, your own point of view. While writing this type of essay you should start with close examination of the author's work and analysis of its content. After that you should gather the most appropriate information and interpret it with your own words to show a new approach to the issue.
The critical essay is characterized by the following features:

  • Emotional neutrality
  • Accurate arguments
  • Illustrative evidence
  • Consistent text structure

The paper must be emotionally neutral unlike narrative and descriptive essays. It is mostly written in official and scientific styles with no abundant use of stylistic devices. You should illustrate each of the arguments with striking examples from reliable sources. They will serve as evidence to prove your standpoint.

The Structure of a Critical Essay

The structure of a critical essay is basically the same as of other essay types: it needs to have three major parts such as introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduction provides an insight into the whole work. It identifies the thesis, the purpose of the work and reasons for selecting this particular topic. It must consistently flow into the main body which consists of several parts; their number depends on the general scope of the work. Each paragraph covers a separate issue and provides illustrative examples. It is better to use arguments in the order of their argumentation strength, starting from the strongest ones and ending with the weakest. The last paragraph is the conclusion of your work which summarizes the covered issues and reiterates your opinion.

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