Below are two examples of research paper outlines. You’ll notice reflects a more traditional research focus: : Advances in technology have been and will continue

Below are two examples of research paper outlines. You’ll notice reflects a more traditional research focus: :  Advances in technology have been and will continue to be a great benefit to both teachers and students. B.  Computer 2.  Online databases 3.  Websites C. Tablet 1. Text book a.     Save money 2.    Easy to access 3.   More features II. Out of class B.  Logic enhancement 1.  Word processors a.Spell check b.Grammar check c. Clean copy 2.  Scanner C. Online degrees 1. Past results 2. Current offerings a. Nationwide b. Florida c. Valencia 3.   Popularity reflects a literary analysis research paper. . The outline below reflects a paper written on the short story “A Rose for Emily”. Although you probably haven’t read this story, you can easily see how the structure of the outline reflects the thesis. Outline : Emily’s deteriorating physical and mental state is partly caused by the constant judgment of the townspeople upon her, and that condition, coupled with her father’s treatment of her, leads her to kill Homer Barron and keep his corpse. I.  Emily Grierson A.   Deterioration 1. Becomes bloated, fat, and gray 2. Is embittered and reclusive B.    Refusal to acknowledge passing of time 1.  Keeps father’s body 2.  Refuses to pay taxes 3.  Keeps Homer’s body a. Shows her need for any companionship b. Represents depths of her madness II.   Others A. Father 1. Controls Emily’s life 2. Turns away suitors B. Townspeople 1. Judgmental 2. Nosy and gossipy a. Whisper about her relationship with Homer b. Want to see inside of her house C. Homer Explanation of MLA Formal Outline Examples The time has come! Below you will find the requirements for your final research paper. read through the assignment carefully. ———- 1. Choose piece of literature (book, short story, comic, poem, play), a film, or a television show that you’d like to learn more about. .  If you’d like, you can even use some of the short stories we discussed in this class. 2. Keep in mind, this is a persuasive paper. Meaning, this shouldn’t be a book or film report, rather this is an analysis with a clear thesis. In order to focus your topic, consider exploring some of the ideas below: If you can think of a better idea that you’d like to explore, feel free to do so. However, I would highly recommend running your idea by me before you dive too deep into research. 3. Develop a rough thesis and paper outline to guide the rest of your research and ideas. A Few Tips: to the topic with a , stating your argument for this essay on one main point or idea that wraps up your arguments and provides some final thoughts Must utilize sources (fewer than four will result in !), not including the primary source(s) Sources are meant to support your ideas, not be your ideas Must have a properly formatted Works Cited page as last page of essay (not having a Works Cited page will result in a zero) Must use parenthetical references (in-text citation) to indicate use of any idea which is not your own or not common knowledge (not using parenthetical references will result in a zero) Proofread to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors Word Count: 800 – 1,200 words

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