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Writing essays is a typical assignment at college, school, university levels: it's only after your graduation from the university that you can sigh with relief! Essays can vary both in their purpose and structure. There are countless classifications of essays; the most popular one distinguishes four major kinds such as analytical, persuasive, argumentative, and expository essays. The analytical essay requires a profound analysis of data that you mostly need to collect for a long time. Writing an expository essay, you need to investigate an idea or an object and expound on it with enough evidence being provided. Persuasive essay and argumentative essay are often considered synonymous but, actually, there exists a slight difference between them. Persuasive essay pursues the goal of convincing your audience with all the means possible including expressive language and emotional feed. Argumentative essays require strong evidence to vindicate the opinion of the author. Basically it means that the work must be illustrated with numerous examples. It also should touch upon counterarguments to either refute or diminish them. Thus, argumentative essays require extensive research to substantiate your opinion with sufficient evidence.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

The success of your argumentative essay is determined by these key factors:

  • Proper topic selection
  • Correct structure
  • Strong evidence
  • Grammar competence

Your work should start with topic selection. You must be familiar with the topic you choose but, certainly, it must not be very easy and over-researched. Make sure you choose a timely and controversial issue that can involve audience in discussion. Then you need to structure your work according to the basic rules of composition: your argumentative essay needs to include three basic parts such as introduction, body and composition. The introduction shows the purpose and the main issues that will be raised in the work. The main body comprises several paragraphs: each of them covers one major argument that is accompanied by evidence (examples). The final part of the work is the conclusion which summarizes the issues discussed in the main body and leaves the readers something to think over. The next step to successful work is grammar correctness that implies several check-ups before submitting the essay.

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