Guidelines for Writing a Term Paper

Writing a Term Paper

Writing a term paper is a difficult assignment that can squeeze you to the last drop. It involves a lot of responsibility because you know that your GPA depends on your writing performance to a large extent. You have to sit cooped up in the library or slouched in front of your computer for about a week to produce a paper that can qualify at least for a mediocre result.

How to Streamline your Writing Process

Here is a list of step-by-step procedures for writing a term paper fast and with the least effort.

1)  Choose an appealing topic.

What we mean is that it should be interesting for you to some extent, not only for your teacher. Make it clear and very specific. You have only about ten pages at your disposal so your topic should fit into this length.

2)  Formulate your thesis statement.

Define what your opinion on the topic is – in short, this is going to be your thesis. Mind that you can't stay neutral or support two sides of the discussion.

3)  Brainstorm.

Write all the arguments that come to your mind quickly and without a thought. You will be surprised at how many ideas you can produce. Some of them, however, will have to be dismissed: choose only the most solid and consistent arguments.

4)  Look for sources.

Take a pile of books and print media with material pertaining to your topic. Look through their contents first and only open up when you realize there might be something that can provide back-up for your arguments. Write down all the bibliographic information straight ahead.

5)  Write an outline.

Choose any format you like to write a clear outline with all your arguments and evidence put in a logical order.

6)  Start writing.

Maintain the right proportion of your three main blocks. Keep your paper clear and concise – don't write waffle just to make it lengthier.

7)  Edit and edit again.

Writing a term paper, you have to edit it relentlessly in order to achieve perfection. Check whether the flow of your thoughts is really consistent

8)  Finalize your paper and submit it on time.

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