Writing a Dissertation Quickly

Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation requires much commitment and effort. It is very different from all the previous papers you've written. With them it was enough to formulate a thesis and to prove it with sufficient arguments and evidence, that is, the main focus was on literature review. A dissertation can't be limited to that although the study of sources is of crucial importance too. The major purpose of the dissertation is to carry out an independent research project with consistent methodology and self-collected data.

Writing a dissertation is something you shouldn't put off. However, if you are one of the procrastinator kind, we want to share with you some advice that will help you optimize your work.

Top Tips for Writing a Dissertation

1.  Choose a topic that is able to sustain your interest over the next few months. Stay away from broad topics, keep it specific. Scan some literature and consult your advisor if you are at a loss.

2.  It is always helpful to do some brainstorming when you set the objectives of your research. Define what exactly you would like to discover. Always make sure that you can see the broader implications of each objective.

3.  Keep a research notebook to jot down all your ideas as they pop in your head. Record your observations and the problems you face.

4.  Try to keep an accurate record of the bibliographical information as you scan your sources. This will save you a huge amount of time in the final stage.

5.  Don't go too in-depth when you study the sources. Always look for some ways to limit the scope of your work. Make sure you don't get stuck with one source for too long. You may even allot a certain amount of time fro each source that you cannot breach.

6.  Write every day without any excuses. Block out a certain amount of time and stick to it steadily.

7.  Work on your dissertation when you are the most productive. Observe when you can work with the highest speed and the best quality. It may happen that you are not particularly creative in the morning but it is a suitable time for editing and rearranging your paper.

8.  Figure out your most comfortable working conditions. Maybe a dorm room is too noisy for you and you'd better go to the library? Or, to the contrary, the library atmosphere gets you down? Work in the place where you feel the most comfort.

9.  Make up some incentives. It is very helpful to motivate yourself with some pleasant things. For example, you can promise yourself that you will go for a walk after you've written a page. Remember that the sooner you write it, the sooner you will be free.

10.  Don't panic! Find some ways to release your stress. It is useless to write your dissertation when you are panic-stricken because all your ideas will be chaotic and empty.

Writing a Dissertation: you could Do with Some Help!

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