How to prepare a term paper title page in APA


When you’re writing an APA paper, the title page is one of the most important things. It won’t take much time to properly format the title page and it is inexcusable to get it wrong. The first impression is all about this page and if it formatted with mistakes, everyone will see it immediately. Whatever the quality of your work is, it won’t be judged as it should because of the first page. Don’t think that people don’t notice it. The cover is very important thing for readers.

The APA style combines certain requirements of formatting and using the English language. Nevertheless, you should get information from your university whether they have some specific requirements. In order to suit own needs, many departments at universities across the country have adopted their requirements. Now let’s get to formatting.


For the title page of APA term paper, you must use the page header. The title of the paper goes after the words “Running head' and it needs to be justified to the left. The title itself must be uppercased. Here’s how your header should look like:


Font and Title Length

The font that is used in APA papers is Times New Roman. 12 is the recommended size for the font. The title of the paper is centered and positioned hallway down. The title should be given in full and may take up to two lines. The maximum recommended length of the title is 12 words. It must be lowercased. Don’t use any irrelevant additional words or abbreviations in your title.

Author’s Details and Other Information

Personal details are given in the center of the bottom half of the title page. They are aligned to the center just like the title of the paper. Here you give your name (first name, middle initial and last name) and the institution that you submit your paper to. Don’t include degrees or titles of the author. The last line is the date when you are supposed to submit the work.


Numeration of the first page in APA style is aligned to the right side. The separation between the running head and number of the page should be no more than 7 spaces. Remember that the page must be double-spaced.