Helpful Term Paper Guidelines

Term Paper Guidelines

When you are writing a term paper for the first time you may be confused with the vast number of requirements. Students often do not know how to proceed with their research and what course of actions to take, especially when they are short on time. We will provide you with some basic term paper guidelines that will allow you to manage your time reasonably.

Topic Selection

The importance of this step cannot be overestimated because half of your success depends on your topic. Students often want to show off their erudition and make up highly specific topics. That can impress your teacher at first but with time you may realize that you significantly lack related sources or that they are unreliable.

Try to avoid choosing very narrow topics, on the one hand, and too general, on the other hand. Mind that your topic has to be clearly developed within the ten-fifteen pages you are given. It's always better to choose something you are familiar with, otherwise you may end up disoriented in the vast amount of literature.

Preliminary Research

Don't rush to formulate your thesis as soon as you have selected the topic. First of all it is necessary to evaluate your sources and to realize what aspects of your topic they cover. Even if you have set your mind for one thesis, you may change the tune in the process of preliminary research just because the other side of the argument has more evidence presented.

Writing an Outline

If you ask whether it is an indispensable step, then we regret to inform you that yes, it is. You'll see that writing an outline doesn't require much time but it can facilitate your work significantly. Jot down your thesis, your major arguments and the titles of the sources that are going to be your back-up.Think for a moment whether this order of the arguments is the most reasonable.

Data Gathering

Here you should start studying your literature more closely. However, just reading it is useless because you will hardly remember anything while writing. Hence you need to record the most important thing straight away.

There are a few ways to do it. If you own the book, then you can highlight and mark some details with a pen or a pencil. If it is a library book or periodical then it is convenient to use index cards to record one or a series of related facts. Record the necessary bibliographical information straight ahead.


What can be easier if you have done all the prior work well? Just follow your outline, structure your term paper properly and cite all the sources you use. Don't forget to edit and revise your paper before submission.

Invaluable Term Paper Guidelines

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