Tips On How To Write An Essay About Yourself

How To Write An Essay About Yourself

If you are assigned to write an essay about yourself you think that this is easy. After all, you know the topic. The danger is that talking about yourself can be not interesting for everyone else. The way of writing a successful personal essay about yourself is to tell something really touching or interesting about you.It could be a lesson, information, even just the pleasure of understanding something about another person. This approach will help you structure and write your essay in a way that will make it engaging for your reader. 

Critical Elements to Include In Your Essay About Yourself

First of all, determine what you want a reader to find out from your essay, is it a strong and serious life story or a funny anecdote. Write down your goal at the top of the page try to keep it simple and short. After that, you need to list the points you want to state, and support it by facts including, quotations, jokes, details and so on. Arrange your supporting material in a logical manner and revise your material. If you find something that isn’t supporting the main goal you wrote at the top of the page,simply get rid of it. Important step is to write a thesis statement.Write in one sentence the point of your essay, that you are going to present to a reader. 

The Main Writing Job

After starting out you job, proceed with your outline and write the body of your essay. Begin with the second body paragraph if you don’t know how you want to start the essay.Then write an introduction. Your introductions may include brief jokes, life stories, a pithy statement or a general observation.Finish with writing a conclusion. You can refer to the introduction in the conclusion part, but you shouldn’t restate your case. Sometimes it happens that a student ends up his or her essay in a much different place than where started. In such cases, you have to summarize the whole picture in a couple of sentences.

Finishing Up Your Work

Proofread your essay and make sure it tells the story you planned out to tell. If you essay accomplishes your primal goal – it is quite a success! If anything seems out of place, you have to delete or rewrite it. It is useful technique to read your essay out loud to help with the flow of your language and identify weak point. Revise your essay again for grammar, spelling, punctuation,capitalization or any other errors.

Tips For Beginners

Choose strong words, especially verbs, do not repeat "to be" all the times. Try to avoid a passive voice and long heavy sentences. If possible, ask someone else to read your essay and tell you if it seems ok.

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