How To Write an Autobiographical Essay

How To Write an Autobiographical Essay

Most college and scholarship applications require an autobiographical essay, which is basically a story that describes who you are. It gives the committee an idea of your personality, your character and background and this information is very important for the judges.You need to include the most important information in your essay, however you shouldn't make it too long. We have collected a couple of tips for you, so you would know how to write your autobiographical essay fast and in the best manner.

Focus On A Topic 

When you pick the story to write about, think about your unique experience that you are ready to share with other people. Instead of writing about topics that are cliché or overused, think deeply into your life experience—what events throughout your own life have shaped your personality and influenced on your life choices.

If there’s something about you that others would be interested to know and worth telling – share your story with the others. You want your story to be meaningful and to capture your reader’s interest.  Pick an aspect of your life that you want to focus on and shape your essay to it. For instance, if you have overcome a hardship that has shaped your character, this can be a strong and interesting story to read about. Relate this event to the broader lessons of life so that the reader can better understand you.

Get Reader’s Attention

The first step is to begin with a creative way of getting the reader’s attention. You need to write in a style that you are most comfortable with. You can tell your story from a first person or describe a certain scenario from a third person point of view. No matter what your approach is, you should always remember to keep your reader interested at the end of each paragraph.

Writing Your Story 

After an introduction, the body of the essay continues to tell the story of your experiences. Provide more details about you, but make sure your work is coherent and easy to read, otherwise you will lose readers attenuation. Don’t  include information that is irrelevant, try keep it simple and straightforward. The body of the essay should demonstrate your own personal growth and development through relevant examples. The reader must really see your character development. Keep organization and logical sequence in mind as well, but don't forget to add emotions. As you start to work on your conclusion, change the tone of your writing into more positive and optimistic.

Your personal statement is an autobiography that tells about your life experiences, and your ideas and character, so remember to tell the truth. You certainly shouldn't make up situations or add fluff to tell an interesting story. You don't have to be an extravagant or famous person to interest people by your life experience, you can be an ordinary normal person, who leads everyday life which may seem even boring to most of the people, but it is the story you tell. Everything depend on how you tell it, your thought and vision of life. 

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