How to Write Admission Essay?

How to Write Admission Essay?

The college application process is really exhausting: you need to pass examinations, fill in numerous documents, gather recommendations, pass interviews...However, surprisingly, nothing is more difficult and confusing for applicants as writing their admission essays. 

They wonder how to write admission essay properly to impress the committee with so many other applicants being on the line. The answer is, to make your essay stand out, you really need to strain your effort. The first thing to remember is that you shouldn't procrastinate with that. It may take much longer that you've expected! 

There are a few stages you have to go through.

  • Preparation

First of all, you need to read the prompt or question you are given. Make sure you understand what you are asked. In most cases the essay questions are rather broad. It enables you to actually tell whatever you want about yourself to showcase your most admirable qualities and modestly boast of your brightest experience. However, you may a hard time choosing the most suitable and representative topic.

  • Analysis

In this case you should take your admission essay writing as a nice chance to analyze your personality profoundly. Ask yourself what are your strengths and weaknesses, what are your major interests, why do you want to study in this college, how can you contribute to the academic environment both in terms of studies and extra-curricular activities. You may ask your friends and relatives what is central to your identity, in their opinion.

  • Making an Outline

Once you have decided on the topic, you can kick off with outlining your essay. Make up an attention-grabbing opening sentence and state the key idea of your introduction. Then outline the order of events you want to include in your body paragraphs. You also need to think of your conclusion in advance. Is there a way you can link it to the introduction?

  • Writing

Start drafting your essay. Remember the rule of thumb: show, don't tell. Every statement has to be illustrated with a lively example, either real or invented. Embellish your essay with vivid language that appeals to the five senses of the admissions committee. Make them immerse into the situation you are describing. However, stay clear from hackneyed and overused comparisons and metaphors. The purpose of the admission essay is to demonstrate your uniqueness: so make sure you do it not only with the content but also with the wording you choose.

  • Editing

When you have written a draft, reread it many times with pauses between the reads. Eliminate the excess relentlessly. Make sure your ideas are relevant and consistent. Let others read your essay and  suggest you something.

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