How to Write a Perfect Essay

How to Write a Perfect Essay

At school and college, teachers usually give many writing assignments. Many students face insuperable difficulties with essays, because it is a time-consuming task that takes discipline, concentration, research and at least a crumb of inspiration. 

There are a lot of materials and guidelines about different types of essays, but they do not always help to write a high-scoring essay. That’s why students often wonder, how to write a perfect essay to receive the highest grade and to impress the teacher.

It is possible if you follow our instructions. There are some differences between essay types these guidelines are applicable to any type of essay.

Choose an Unexpected Topic

If you are given the opportunity to choose your topic, use it in the best way possible. Don’t opt for overused topics such as guns control, abortion or junk food. That will make your readers yawn right from the start. We would recommend you to pick an engaging topic that may seem a little ridiculous at first, but your essay will serve to prove how serious it is for everyone, for example, Will People Populate the Moon? or  Zoos Have to Be Abolished. These are two examples of timely topics that scientists are discussing at the moment. Such topics are sure to sparkle the interest of your readers. 

Organize it Properly

As you now, any kind of essay has to contain the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

The introduction should be attention-getting. Hook your readers with an interesting fact, past anecdote or surprising statistics. That is the best way to set the scene for your topic and make your audience want to read further. The introduction should end with the thesis – the clear statement of your idea.

The main body should contain all your arguments, as well as to counteract the opposing arguments. Arguments should be grouped logically into several categories. It is important to illustrate your point with solid evidence and verifiable facts. Make sure there is a consistent flow of information with smooth transitions.

In the conclusion it is of primary importance not to include any new information but to restate what you claim in the introduction with different wording. It is a nice idea to link the introduction and the conclusion by closing some frame pattern, for example revisiting the anecdote at the beginning of the essay.

Make it Shine

However logical and convincing your arguments are, they just may lack illustrations or vibrant language to let your readers imagine and sense what you are talking about. Use language that appeals to sensory feelings. Prefer the present tense to help your readers clearly visualize the situation. Use colorful adjectives wherever relevant to make your essay more vivid.

Don’t forget to proofread the essay carefully. Even if your points are brilliant, grammar and spelling mistakes can prevent you from getting a high mark, so don’t let it happen now that you are so close to perfection. Don’t spare time and effort to edit your essay.

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