How to Write a 500 Word Essay

How to Write a 500 Word Essay

Students are often asked to write an essay with limited number of words on any topic. Here is 500 word essay example to help you understand what structure your essay may have.

How Do Social Media Impact Our Society?

Today we can hardly imagine our lives without social media. Since their emergence in the early 90s these communication tools have come to affect nearly all the spheres of our life. While nowadays social media are mostly praised as a means of human interaction, I would argue that their impact is not entirely positive in the long-term perspective.

It is true that social media enable us to exchange our thoughts and ideas with people all around the world. The question, however, is whether we can benefit from all these ideas in the incessant and unregulated information flow. Today if a person is ill, he/she is likely to ask for an advice at a medicine-related forum or community before going to a doctor. This person receives a dozen contradictive recommendations and, hopefully, he/she won’t try them before consultation with an expert. But for many people such experience exchange result badly with no one to take responsibility. 

There is an increasing number of privacy and ethics concerns involved in social networking. Under the disguise of anonymity, users can flame violent discussions that sometimes develop into real life conflicts. If a person instigates others to commit a crime in a social network, a long investigation may be needed before this person is found and made liable for his actions. Due to anonymity, you cannot rely on social media when looking for feedbacks about some service or product, because a user that recommends you a certain brand may be a covert marketing specialist.

Social media are also the major contributor to the infringement of intellectual property rights with information being shared uncontrollably.  Music, literature and films are getting more and more accessible through social networks, which calls for urgent action to be taken. Another point is that everything you share is spreading like wildfire so you need to be really careful with what you post. If you are a celebrity or a public person, with social media every piece of news about your personal life can destroy your reputation forever. 

But above all, social media have come to be dangerous for many people as a substitution of the real life. More and more teenagers and adults are getting addicted to online communication. People even prefer online dating to meeting in person! These tools also change the way we perceive other people: we label them as “friends', but we turn out to have so many of them that the value of true friendship is getting depreciated. 

Everything taken into consideration, it has to be admitted that social media conceal a lot of hazards, like copyright violation, unreliable and fraudulent information, debasement of ethical norms. But the most significant problems lie within our psychology. Social media provide us with enough illusions to live by – illusion of freedom, illusion of change, illusion of affection. We will only be able to overcome the drawbacks of social media if we stop being afraid to turn offline and make changes in the real life.

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