How To Do An Essay?

How To Do An Essay

If you find it very hard to put ideas and thoughts on paper in a form of an essay – this article is for you! Young scholars are assigned to write various writing tasks at school, but usually they don’t know how to do an essay correctly, so they spend hours and days struggling with it and failing at the end. Not everyone has time or proper writing skills to do essays. Learn a few tips on how to write a good essay!

  • Write down the topic you are writing about. It should be simple and straightforward.
  • Find ideas that someone interested in your topic would also be interested in.  This strategy will help you think of related ideas.
  • Choose a title for your essay.
  • Think as if your reader knows absolutely nothing about your topic.  What are the first words you would use to give them to raise their interest?  Perhaps it might be a question, or a simple statement.
  • Keeping in mind your title, explain why you are taking the position you take, or why you believe your title to be true. Support your idea with facts; use them as many as possible. Write a couple of sentences, using some of the brainstorms you had in step two.
  • After you’ve written your supporting ideas and facts, take a break and try to write a short introductory paragraph, but don’t force yourself to much.
  • Write a conclusion. Summarize everything you wrote about and support with examples. 

And you’ve just written an excellent essay!

More Tips For Perfect Essays Every Time

  • Use graphics to organize your ideas.  Put your main idea in the center of the page, make a circle around it and write down all the ideas and key words about your topic that you can think of.  You’re brainstorming at this point so just write down any ideas that come into your mind. 
  • Organize key words into groups and make sure that each group reflects the topic or question that you’re writing about.
  •  Draft your essay! Give each idea its own paragraph, don’t worry about style and spelling at this point.  You can check this later. Use all the ideas that you decided were important.
  • Write the ending.  Find the 3 or 10 most important key words and link them together – that’s your ending.
  • Get some rest.  Give the ideas a chance to process in your brain. 
  • Read your essay aloud and tape record it.  Does it sound convincing and coherent?
  • Check spelling and grammar.  Have someone else proofread it too.  Polish up how the essay looks. It has to be neat, organized and well written.

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