Guidelines On Writing a 1000 Word Essay

1000 Word Essay

1000 word essay turns out to be a confusing assignment for many students. First of all they start wondering how many pages it will take – this way it’s easier to capture the intended scope of work. So in case you are one of these students, it approximately takes two single-spaced A4 pages in font size12; which is not enough to research the subject fundamentally but is too much to just outline your arguments, as pessimists would remark. Still, the mission is possible, given some patience and diligence.

First and foremost, you need to find a great topic, in case your teacher hasn’t assigned one. Without a doubt, you should focus on something you are good at: well, at the very least, something you are familiar with. Another requirement is for it to be a complicated and controversial issue to ensure you have enough arguments and evidence to provide. Be ready to carry out thorough research on the subject before getting down to work. 

1000 Word Essay Layout

This essay type is no exception in terms of structure: as any other, it has to comprise the introduction, the body paragraph and conclusion. 

The introduction should primarily set the ground for your subject. Some statistics, historical facts and why-questions can help to trigger your readers’ interest. Besides, introduction is the only appropriate place for your thesis: you have to formulate your stance on the subject straight away. All in all, the introduction shouldn’t exceed 200 words – remember, there are many more things to mention!

The body of your essay should only perform one function – expand on your thesis. The most convenient way to handle the essay body is to divide it into three paragraphs, each one discussing one major argument and some derivative arguments. Bolster your stance with enough illustrative examples and ensure logical transitions to the following paragraphs. If your arguments are of different value, begin and finish with the strongest ones, and let the average arguments be hidden in the middle. 

It would be appropriate to mention some counterarguments with the purpose of their dismissal. That would reveal your awareness of other opinions and your determination to prove your case. Each paragraph of the main body should contain around 200 words.

You have, probably, already counted that we have only 200 words more to wrap it all up. Use the conclusion to reiterate your thesis and summarize your evidence without conveying any new information. It will project a nice impression on your readers if you connect the background information of the introduction with the conclusion thus producing a frame effect.

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You see, the structure is pretty simple. But don’t forget to outline your paper carefully before writing; otherwise, you may be carried away at some point and your essay will end up disproportional. Make a draft and edit as many times as you can. Proofread before submission, carefully checking for grammar, spelling and, last but not least, logical transitions between your numerous paragraphs.

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