Euthanasia Essays

Euthanasia Essays

Euthanasia it is an assisted suicide for the dying patient. More and more people argue about whether euthanasia should be legalized or not.People who are for euthanasia say that it is more kind and human to let someone go without pain, because there are diseases that can cause so much suffering and for so long that no medicine can ease this pain.

Euthanasia may be either active or passive. Passive euthanasia means that nothing is being done to stop patient’s death, and active euthanasia is when a doctor administers a lethal dose of medication to a patient. Those who are against euthanasia often claim that there is still a chance to save a person, a new medicine can be discovered or the diagnosis might be wrong etc. Anyways, euthanasia essays are common for all the students across the world.

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