Dissertation Writing: How to Manage your Time Efficiently?

Dissertation Writing

When you set out to write a dissertation, you should understand that you need to sacrifice a large part of your social life for it. You have to start as early as possible: procrastination may be forgivable with term papers but when it comes to dissertation writing, you need to think ahead of time.

If you are not sure that you can cope with this excruciating task you'd better not put your academic career at risk. It is always better to hand your paper over to experts who have successful experience of defending their own dissertations in your field. They know all the requirements, have access to the newest sources and possess enough qualifications to conduct independent research on whatever topic you need. It can never be too complicated for them. Rely on us and shake the burden off your shoulders.

Dissertation Writing Steps

If you are willing to write your dissertation on your own, then, perhaps, our recommendations can be of help. Dissertation writing should be broken up in a few stages, make sure that you devote enough time for each of them.

  • Topic Selection

You should never underestimate the importance of this stage. It is never done as quickly as you suppose. Most grad students change their mind a few times before they take the final decision.

However, even after you've taken it, you shouldn't consider your topic set in stone. If you see that your methodology is not really consistent with the topic but you are not willing to change it perhaps it would be easier just to slightly change the topic.

  • Preliminary Research

At this stage you are expected to get familiarized with the major sources you are going to use and examine some of the secondary sources. It is especially needed when your topic is new for you. If you are well oriented in it, you can go over to the next step.

  • Aim Setting

Define the objectives of your research and divide them into smaller, easily achievable tasks. Thus you have less chances to be overwhelmed with the load of work. Clearly define the problems you won't address in your paper.

  • Methodology Selection

At this stage you certainly need to consult your advisor. Think of the modern methods and techniques which can really help to tackle your research problem. They must be complementary because neither of them should be deemed sufficient for the research as a whole.

  • Research

That is definitely the most tiresome part. At first you need to conduct the profound theoretical research in order to write your Literature Review and to get the grasp of the theoretical basis and terminology use. If you are in science, you are also expected to carry out empirical research with experiments or surveys.

  • Dissertation Writing

Analyze and synthesize your data properly. Only after that can you go over to the dissertation writing. The main here is to write at least a page every single day. Mind that Discussion section will need the most efforts because there you will describe all the implications and limitations of your research, so save the most time and energy for it.

Don't forget that we are eager to help you at any moment!