Where to Find a Dissertation Sample?

Dissertation Sample

Dissertation is a large-scale and exhausting task for every grad student, however smart he or she is. Sometimes your advisor may lack time or willingness for your proper guidance, so you may be left alone with the load of online guidelines, tips and templates. You also might need a dissertation sample to better understand the required structure and organization. However, you should always bear in mind that particular dissertation requirements and guidelines differ among universities, so make sure that the dissertation sample that you follow is in full compliance with the regulations of your grad school.

Sample Dissertation Outline

The structure of a dissertation is much more complex than that of a term paper or other coursework paper. An outline of a typical dissertation either in humanities or in science should comprise the following units:

  • Abstract

Abstract is a summary of the whole dissertation which has to be fit within one page. It should briefly cover the problem, the objectives, the methodology and the accomplishments of your research project.

  • Attestation (optional)

Some universities require a separate dissertation page called “Attestation' where a student certifies that this is an original paper with no plagiarism.

  • Acknowledgments (optional)

You should give credit to people who have helped you with your dissertation whether technically, theoretically or even morally.

  • Table of Contents

The table of contents subsequently lists all the units and subunits of your dissertation with the matching pages provided.

  • List of Figures

If relevant, you can automatically generate a list of all the figures you provide throughout your paper.

  • Introduction.

The introduction should provide the background of your study, its scope, objectives and achievements, as well as to give an overview of the whole work.

  • Literature Review

In the literature review you have to acknowledge all the major authors who have worked in this field and point out the boundaries of their work.

  • Methodology

This chapter should start with the general epistemological and theoretical basis of your research and move over to the particular methods, procedures and materials you use.

  • Results

This chapter provides all the raw data and the findings of your research projects. It is normally full of statistics, graphs and tables.

  • Discussion

The Discussion chapter covers the interpretation of your findings within the broad context, the summary of your paper and recommendations for further investigation in this field.

  • Appendices

Unhandy tables can be put here.

  • References

References include the alphabetized list of all the sources that you cite in your paper.

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