Capital Punishment Essays Online

Capital Punishment Essays

Capital Punishment is known as the “Death Penalty' handed out to the convicts who have been accused of some of the most terrible crimes. Capital crimes such as First degree murder usually face the death penalty and will be executed. Some American states have changed the Death Penalty for a life sentence in prison. Some people agree with the Death penalty while others don’t. Death penalty topic is a huge debate between the two. People who are for the death penalty think that it in the classic idea of an “eye for an eye'. These citizens also believe that those that commit crimes should not be allowed to see the light of day and live longer. 

Many people believe that once a person has committed a murder he or she will always have the capacity to do so. And the only way to keep these killers off the streets is to end their lives. The supporters of this idea also say that the cost of supporting killers in prison is too heavy on innocent taxpayers. Taxes are paid for feeding, clothing and confining prisoners. Death penalty supporters also believe in giving the victim’s family a chance for some solace of the unpleasant episode.

Against Death Penalty Arguments

Most death row criminals can spend almost ten years waiting for their death. And all this time money is still being paid for them out of the taxpayers pockets. Anti death penalty believers state that the death penalty system is simply a waste of money.

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