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Annotated Bibliography Maker

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You might already know what a bibliography is: it is a list of sources that you cite in any piece of academic writing. You are always required to add it in the end of a paper. Bibliography reflects the basic information about a source, such as author, title, place and year of publishing, and access mode, in case this material was retrieved from an online resource.

However, annotated bibliography is something quite different, for, apart from providing this fundamental information, it also serves either to indicate the scope of the source, to summarize its main points or to assess the information provided by this resource. Depending on which function predominates, we may distinguish indicative, informative and evaluative annotations.

How to Make an Annotated Bibliography

Very often an annotated bibliography is a preliminary stage for a long-term research project. You are expected to get acquainted with major topical sources really carefully – only this way you can produce a comprehensive bibliography with worthwhile assessment. Annotated bibliography calls for your ability of making a long story short, that is, to provide a succinct digest of voluminous information you’ve read. It also involves analytical and evaluative skills, for you are required to indicate how helpful this particular source can be for researchers in the field.

Annotated bibliographies can vary significantly both in purpose and format. So before getting down to work, make sure you know all the guidelines your instructor has provided. If he asks for an evaluative bibliography, it is going to be longer than informative and may comprise a few paragraphs.

In case you are not given detailed instructions, go for a combined bibliography, that would at once give a brief summary, assess the authority of the writer, indicate the audience, and analyze the source against the background of similar literature on this subject. The bibliographic information is mostly presented in either MLA or APA formats.

Here is a sample annotated bibliography in the MLA format:

Hannover, Tracy. What Hinders Us from Being Successful. Washington: Perfection, 2013. Print.

Hannover’s recently published book provides an insight into the questions we all ask ourselves from time to time, like, “Why some people gain success easily, while others constantly struggle?', “Is our life predestined and, if so, to what extent?', “What can I do to begin my life from scratch?'.A qualified psychologist, Hannover effectively debunks all our conscious and subconscious stereotypes of human helplessness in the hands of fate, claiming that determination is the most powerful thing in the world. She bolsters her point with extensive neurophysiological evidence and numerous examples from her practice, which makes this book stand out among all the lately published motivational literature. The book is consistently structured, timely and applicable for all the spheres of life. It can be particularly valuable for psychologists, business trainers and all the people who strive for success. 

Note that this is an annotation to a fictitious source. It covers the scope of the book in question, evaluates the information provided and identifies the audience that may find this source helpful.