Fighting with motivation problems in college

For the most part of students getting into the college is the first step on the way to making their dreams come true. Some of us want to be a doctor and applying to medical school, others want to Read more »

Creating a solid outline for essay: why do you need it?

I can understand those of you, who will strike me with the questions like “why would I waste my time on writing some draft, when I can to write a clear copy straight away?' This is pretty Read more »

Writing a book review: 3 steps to success

While ordinary narrative essay requires only a creative mind and ability to write intelligently from the author, writing a review requires a bit more wide range of abilities. First of all, Read more »
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“Write My Paper!” Emergency Help For Students

While conducting online surveys lately, we found out that more that a half of questioned students consider writing to be the worst part of the educational program. Even mathematical tasks or Read more »
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Essay Writing Styles: Persuasive Essay

Essay is a short piece of writing composed including the expression of your own point of view. It is a common assignment, which everyone faces at school, college and university. You should know Read more »
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