200 words, response to a DB 1 reference (scholarly-within 5 yrs). In the article by Joseph Young the tone is set a mocking of the

200 words, response to a DB 1 reference (scholarly-within 5 yrs). In the article by Joseph Young the tone is set a mocking of the ignorance of the populous on the perspective of why protests would occur. The specific protests mentioned occurred have been wide spread amongst the Middle East and other parts of North America. These protests were correlated with the release of an insufficient movie that depicted the Innocence of Muslims’, which followed suit in it’s title. Yet, media and other networks of communication did a poor job at relaying the true continuous variables that led up to the explosions of protests in different pockets. Thus, the title of the article stands as the imperative rational for blatantly calling out the inadequate portrayal. As it goes, precipitants are not preconditions (Young, 2012). If these two words are so important, what do they mean? Also, a two-fold question, with this importance how does it reflect these protests, or vice versa? Starting with the topic of this discussion, over what these words mean, I found it easier to define preconditions. Professor Young does an impeccable job at briefing it to overall background conditions that are associated with socioeconomic and political backgrounds. Don’t forget the decades of coups when thinking of political structure and backgrounds. Unfortunately, masses linked to media due tend to forget about the endless variables that build the structure for the three hierarchies of background conditions. Coups are only the beginning when starting the conversation of political unhappiness, yet seem to be forgotten by the media as noted in the satire of the article. The difference between preconditions and precipitants, is that briefly precipitants are pinpointed variables that hold a spark to ignite the unfolding. Such as described by Professor Young, that precipitants are the catalyst for the spark for a fire that needed to be lit long ago. Yet, just because it was lit by one event does not in any way shape or form mean that is what should be focused on. Instead media and the public should be more concerned about the individual multitudes of wood that have been gathered over the history of such preconditions. Of course, this is figurative language, but there is nothing figurative about the amount of lives lost and quality of other lives that are severely diminishing (Young, 2012).

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